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Forget Kris. Bruce Jenner has accolades and accomplishments you may never heard of. Do you know the real Bruce Jenner? Take an Olympic effort and see how much you do know about him. What sport was his specialty? Go ahead and throw a guess. How many children does he have, can you name them all, and whom has he been married to?

When the CHIPS fall, you may be surprised at how many shows Bruce Jenner has been on. This New York native was also an expert in basketball. Do you know who drafted him? Why was he a Gym Teacher? And look to the air for his successful business ventures. There is more to Bruce than just Keeping Up. Take our Bruce Jenner quizzes to see how you score.

He's a former Olympic Gold medalist, a reality star and a family man. He made headlines recently, for his courageous transformation. Let's see how well you know this former American athlete.

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    In what year did he win the Decathlon?

Bruce Jenner Questions and Answers