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Famous American actress Brittany Murphy sure racked up plenty of movie credits and a lot of achievements in her short life. Before her death in 2009 at the age of 32, Murphy had already starred in movies like 8 Mile, with rapper Eminem, Uptown Girls, Girl Interrupted and breakout 90s hit, Clueless, which was her breakthrough role.

As well as appearing in highly-acclaimed Hollywood movies, Murphy had a penchant for indie films – Sidewalks of New York, Spun, The Dead Girl and Neverwas are all some of the independent movies she worked on before she died. Her final film was released in 2014. If you’re a constant fan of Brittany’s, we want you to go right ahead and challenge yourself with our range of great quizzes! How old was Brittany when she starred in 8 Mile? Which co-star did Brittany date after starring in the romantic comedy Just Married? Which famous film critic was a particular fan of Brittany’s, comparing her to Lucille Ball? That last one is a tricky one, but we think you’ve got what it takes! Challenge our quizmasters today!

This Quiz tests your knowledge of Brittany Murphy terms, bands and trivia.

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    What is Brittany Murphy's favorite kind of music?

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  • What is Brittany Murphys favorite kind of music?
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  • In the 1990s, Brittany Murphy was the lead singer in which band?
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  • What were Brittany Murphys earliest memories?
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