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Brief Quiz Questions and Answers

  • Portugal's empire was still very in control of it's many colonys.
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  •  The _________ Began to take over the _______ trade in south-eastern Asia
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  • Which group of natives were able to successfully repel the foreign invaders from Europe?
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  • Alliteration is:
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  • A simile:
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  • A metaphor:
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  • When changing the lens on your camera, it's a great idea to do it outside. (Preferably in a windy, dirtry area, like the beach.)
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  • When you hear photographers mention that they shoot manually, they are referring to:
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  • Which of the following photos incorrectly used the tungsten white balance setting?
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  • ________________________is where the eye retains a visual image for a fraction of a second after the source has been removed.
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  • ______________________was a hollow drum with a strip of pictures around its inner surface.
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  • After improving the zoetropes design, he began holding public screenings in Paris in 1892.
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