Brian Austin Green Quizzes & Trivia

He’s played fictional love interest of a desperate housewife and real-life love interest to one of the world’s sexiest women, Brian Austin Green has accomplished a varied career in acting and rapping as well as starting a family and arguing with photographers.

We first got to know Austin Green during his antics in that most craved of area codes, but how well have you followed Green from his Beverly Hills origins? It’s time to battle terminators alongside Sarah Conner and challenge a young superman in Smallville. From starting a rapping career to controversy with paparazzi and celebrity-robbing gangs, find out all the dirt and test your knowledge on Brian Austin Green with these fun quizzes. 

It's hard to choose just one of Brian's parts. This actor played everywhere and made sure he won't be forgotten. Take our test and see have you forgot anything about him !

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Bursting onto the Hollywood scene as a teen heartthrob in the early 90's, Brian Austin Green has enjoyed a diverse life and career.  Find out how well you know him by taking this celebrity quiz.

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  • Sample Question
    Which television series launched Brian Austin Green to fame?