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Do you love a good spy thriller? Well, how about one that's based on a true story and where one of the protagonists helped with the script? That's just what you get with The Breach, and that's why many people consider it one of the truly classic modern espionage films. Did this tale of a secret agent working for the KGB have you on the edge of your seat? You'll find the same tension and excitement when you try our Breach quizzes.

Breach is based on the story of whom? Who plays the role of agent O'Neill? Can you name the director and co-writer on this 1997 movie? I don't want to worry you but do try and get the answers right, you don't know who could be watching.

How well do you know your movie Breach (2007) trivia?

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    In the 2007 film "Breach", what religion does FBI agent Robert Hanssen follow?

Breach is spy thriller released in 2007. The film affords movie lovers the opportunity of knowing the story of the American FBI Agent Robert Hansen, who was convicted for spying for Russia. The film contains scenes of security...

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    Who directed the film, Breach?

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