Boyz N The Hood Quizzes & Trivia

Rap and hip hop has had more influence on modern music than anything else, and yet it grew and developed in some of the most challenging districts of the United States. Hip hop is also at the heart of the stunning movie Boyz N The Hood. This was one of the first films to take a serious look at life in the ghettoes that had sprung up in south central LA, and the actors taking part, including rap legend Ice Cube, had firsthand experience of the lifestyle.

Whether you love this memorable film for its storyline or its soundtrack, you should score highly in our Boyz N The Hood quizzes. Who made his directorial debut with Boyz N The Hood? Which two awards was it nominated for at the 1991 Oscars? Yo, get ready because these quizzes are about to go down.

Take this short and crisp quiz on Boyz 'N the Hood (1991) movie!

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    In "Boyz in the Hood", what is noticeable about little Chris at Doughboy's homecoming party?

Boyz N The Hood is an American teen hood drama film of 1991 written and directed by john singleton in his directorial debut, it was nominated for both  best director and best original screenplay during the 64...

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    What would you like to be in the nearest future?