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Bodybuilding Questions & Answers

Is drinking beer once a week fine for a bodybuilder?
There are pros as well as cons of the once a week beer. Many bodybuilders feel that there is nothing more gratifying than a glass of frosty cold beer after a workout. The bubbles and carbonation are satisfying and thirst-quenching, while the carbs fi
What is the best bodybuilding supplement?
Without any doubt, whey is the best bodybuilding supplement. I don’t know about other people but I personally prefer whey over other supplements. For those, who don’t know what whey is, it is the liquid residue that remains after milk has
What is the best workout routine for intermediate lifters?
Bodybuilders usually like to lift weights. However, there are different levels of lifters depending on the experience and amount that can be lifted. Usually, the lifters can be advanced to the different levels by practicing and lifting more weights.
Why is growing your rear deltoid muscles so hard?
The deltoid muscle can be found on the bottom part of the shoulder. It looks rounded. Many people try to build this muscle because it helps to show the broadness of the person’s muscles on the upper part of the arms. Many people use their delto