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Are you a bimmer fan or all around automobile lover? If you answer yes to either of those questions you’re in for a real treat. Brush up on your BMW trivia so you can maintain your thrown as “bimmer king” or “bimmer queen.” Show everybody who’s boss and prove that you are the ultimate BMW fan with these ultimate BMW trivia quizzes.

Which 3 series made a quick appearance in “The Bourne Ultimatum?” What is the 0-100km/h time for the E93 M3? What was the model code for the second generation 3 series BMW? What does BMW stand for? What does the BMW roundel symbolize? Think you have the answers? Go ahead and prove that you do!
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The beautiful and luxurious BMW are very loved and widely wanted cars especially due to it's look and versatility. The BMWs of this series were made in 2008 and the make stopped in around 2016. The BMW have grown more popular...

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    What generation of the BMW series is F01?

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    What am I


BMW Questions & Answers

What is the difference between BMW X3 and BMW X5?
The company began manufacturing BMW X5 modes in 1999. The X5 is a mid-size crossover SUV is a five-door type, with a front-engine layout and a four-wheel-drive mechanism; however, the BMW X5 is tagged as an SAV or a sports activity vehicle. Even tho
Should I buy a used BMW?
The lifetime of a car is something that’s unpredictable. You never really know. Sometimes a used car that is over 30 years old is better than a car that is fairly a year old. As for my recommendation, I would suggest that you buy a new car wit
How reliable are modern BMW cars?
Yes, BMWs are indeed far more reliable than the army of 'haters' claim. The trick is that BMWs, like any other premium car, need maintenance. I bought my BMW in Munich with car shipping. If you are interested in how to use this service, you can
What is the difference between Civic and BMW?
It is obvious that these are two different cars. When you say Civic, this is a model that has been created by Honda, a Japanese brand. A BMW is known to be created by a European brand. A lot of people think that having a BMW is a luxury because their
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