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What details do you know about the biscuit? Some people generally love cookies because they are straightforward to pack whenever they have some trips that are very easy to undergo. Some may even say that they need to to take biscuit breaks when they are already hungry, and it is a long time before lunch or dinner. How well do you know your favorite biscuit? It can be fascinating to get to know the different cookies in the world.

There is a considerable chance that you will see some biscuits that you will be interested in trying more over all the others. While you are at it, you can check through the online quizzes if there are also some details about the cookies that you like. Cookies are fun to get to know too.

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  • Sample Question
    Biscuits first appeared on Southern tables around 1870, when commercial baking powder, white flour, and what kitchen appliance became available?

This quiz shows which type of biscuit are you there are 4 possible choices.

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  • Sample Question
    What is your favourite colour (out of these ?)

A dog who goes school

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  • Sample Question
    What does Biscuit all always say?

A book about a dog

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  • Sample Question
    What is this book about?

GC has posted this quiz as joke! How humorous are you?

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    You're a

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