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His nickname is the Kangaroo Kid, which gives you some clue as to what Bill Cunningham is most famous for. An American professional basketball player and then coach, the Kangaroo Kid was born in 1943 in New York and turned pro in 1965.

Did you know that his first team in the NBA was the Philadelphia 76ers? Can you name the other NBA teams that he played for during a long and successful career on the court?  If you’re an NBA fan or the ultimate Bill Cunningham fan, why not pit your wits against our fun quiz questions and find out how well you really know your subject?

The number 32 jersey of the Philadelphia 76ers, a legendary basketball influence. Billy popularly called "the Kangaroo kid" is a multi-award winner in the basketball game which he played for 20 years as a player...

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    When was Billy Cunningham born?

Are you a true fan of Billy Cunningham?

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    What team was NBA great Billy Cunningham on when he was awarded the MVP?

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