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A quiz on beta blockers

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    The suffix for the beta blockers is:

Thanks for taking the Approved Helpers BETA quiz. You're helping make the community better at answering questions so way to go! This won't take long, only about 10 minutes, but you have as long as you like to take this...

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    When should you contact an educator? Tick two.

Your Second QuizOnline VersionDue before December 25, 2010

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    What kinds of fraternities are there?

Beta Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Alpha and Beta Receptors?
Adrenergic receptors, being a kind of protein, helps to regulate our responses to fight-or-flight syndrome, which is a physiological reaction that occurs whenever one has a terrifying or stressful experience. This adrenergic receptor is of two major
Which two assessments are most important, before giving a beta blocker?
Blood pressure and heart rateBP and HR! Beta blockers lower them both! LeMone, P., Burke, K., & Bauldoff, G. (2011). Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Patient Care, 5th ed., San Francisco: Pearson. p.954-956.
While a patient is on beta blockers, which of the following symptoms should they report to the doctor?
Heart rate 48bpmPatients on beta blockers should report a heart rate less than 50bpm, low blood pressure, weight gain, and increased swelling. LeMone, P., Burke, K., & Bauldoff, G. (2011). Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Patient Ca
Which of the following is NOT a contraindication to beta blocker use?
TachycardiaBeta blockers will also affect the beta receptors in the lungs - so they are contraindicated in people with asthma or COPD. They are contraindicated in heart failure. They are contraindicated in AV block and BRADYcardia, because they low