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A whole quizzie on Personality disorders, woooo hoooo!!I got all of these case studies from Exam-master test questions on the LRC website, and the rest of the information from the powerpoint presentation! :)After doing this quiz,...

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    Frances, an only child, is a 20-year-old receptionist in a wholesale dress house who feels that she hasn't been discovered yet by the fashion world. She has done some showroom modeling for customers and is always daydreaming that she will be swept off her feet by the next wealthy man who comes through the door. Eating in the local restaurants, she always takes the opportunity to complain about the clumsy waiters, the inept service, or the poor quality of the food. Frances engages in a rich fantasy life in which she is adored and loved by crowds of onlookers and where she gets even with all the people whom she perceives have been mean to her. She would be diagnosed with:

You must score 70% or better to proceed to the evaluation.  The evaluation is also mandatory for continuing education credit.

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    The Framework was developed by a Core Work Group, which included CAMFT representatives on the California Disaster Mental Health Coalition.

Post Test for Effective Communication with Behavioral Health Clients. Originally recorded and presented on 03/27/2013 by Dr. Peter Mosbach.

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    If an individual is angry, it is a good strategy to tell them that they are angry.

Behavioral Health Questions & Answers

What is an essential feature of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?
The correct answer is option A – Instability of relationships. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a type of personality disorder that belongs to cluster B of personality disorders. It is characterized by varying moods, behaviour and self
What would be your diagnosis? Matt is an active, physically strong, and exceptionally tall 18-year-old 12th grader who stays out late at night with his friends, despite his parents forbidding it....
1. antisocial personality disorder-conduct disorder is commonly a precursor to antisocial personality disorder. a diagnosis of antisocial pd requires evidence of a conduct disorder before age 15. this patient meets all requirements of antisocial pd i
What would managing a patient with a Dependent Personality Disorder include?
1. setting firm limits-managing a dependent personality disorder can be a wearying task. they tend to call the office incessantly seeking advice or to ask for more appointments. setting firm limits, up front, as to expectations can greatly relieve th
Which of the following are at increased risk for suicide?
Suicide is a problem plaguing the United States and other countries around the world for years. Studies have been conducted frequently to determine which groups of people are more likely to commit suicide. In the United States, men are more likely to