Bee Movie Quizzes & Trivia

Children's animated movies just keep getting better and better, and a great example of that is Bee Movie. It's a beautiful and funny film that all the family can enjoy, and even more importantly it has an important environmental message to convey. It's a movie that shows how important bees are to our planet, but also just how funny they can be. If you've watched this film time after time, then you'll love playing our Bee Movie quizzes.

Do you know in which year Bee Movie was released? Which stand up comedy legend provides the voice of Barry? Can you name Renee Zellweger's character? What was the mosquito character in the film called? If you get all our questions right, you're sure to be buzzing with excitement.
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Who are you in this cool Bee Movie (2007)?

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    What human does Barry speak to in "Bee Movie"?

Bee movie is a first motion picture script to be written by Seinfeld, who co - write the film with 3 other writers, A young honey bee named Barry B. Benson has recently graduated from college and is about enter the hives Honex,...

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    Honey Bee sued the human race for .................. after learning from his florist friend.


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    Jerry: Ow! Buzz, buzz, buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz. I know what I'll do. I'll pollinate ______ flowers. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Hey, wait a minute. ______ Steven? Somebody help me!