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Barbershop was a great comedy film, but surely it was time for the ladies to get in on the act too? The film makers agreed with you, which is why they released Beauty Shop. Singer and actress Queen Latifah is at the helm this time, and the laughs don't stop coming from the first moment to the last. It also has a serious side, showing how we can all come together to overcome the problems that life can throw at us.

It's about family, love, and community, and if you really enjoyed watching it you should try our Beauty Shop quizzes. In which year was Beauty Shop released? Which director was behind this movie, and the two Barbershop movies that preceded it? Can you name the part played by Kevin Bacon? Beautiful answers, let's hope you can keep it up.
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This quiz is all about Beauty Shop (2005)

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following are characters from the 2005 film "Beauty Shop"?