Beaches Quizzes & Trivia

Do you prefer a film that makes you think, a film that makes you laugh, or a film that makes you cry? You don't have to choose, because when you watch the 80s classic movie Beaches you get all three in abundance. The film tells the very moving story of two women who are lifelong best friends, and in the end only death can separate them. It's a much loved film but perhaps even better known today for its incredible song 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. If you think it's the greatest movie made in the 1980s you should take our Beaches quizzes.

Which singer actress took well earned plaudits, as well as a Grammy, for her role as C.C.? Who wrote the book on which Beaches was based? Dry your eyes, and remember the fun times with our quizzes today.

Have you watched Beaches? Do you know the other name for this movie? Do you know the characters that play in this movie and the story behind it? Take this quiz and score yourself on how much you really do know about this movie!

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    When was this movie made?