Batman Begins Quizzes & Trivia

In Batman Begins, Christian Bale stars as everyone’s favorite billionaire/superhero, Bruce Wayne. With Michael Caine as Alfred and Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, the cast came together for a major hit film. Are you a fan of Batman Begins?
Did you know that Christian Bale performed most of his own stunts, but wasn’t allowed to drive the Batmobile? The comics give Batman’s height as 6 foot 2. Did you know that Bale is only ½ an inch shorter than that? Did you know that during filming, Christian Bale lost his voice 3 separate times? Do you know that most of Batman’s gear and clothes were based on military technology? The word “Batman” only occurred a few times during the movie. Can you guess how many times? If you said 10, then it’s time to fly in and try some of our quizzes!

This is a quiz over the Batman Begins (2005), just for fun. Enjoy.

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  • Sample Question
    Who portrayed Bruce Wayne in the movie "Batman Begins"?

Batman Begins is an American superhero movie that was released in 2005 which follows DC Comics character Batman. Batman Begins story tells the story of Bruce Wayne from the death of his parents to his journey to become Batman....

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  • Sample Question
    Who killed Bruce Wayne's parents?