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What would you choose for a pet? A cat, a dog, or a rabbit? Would you say no to having someone who is devoted, affectionate, sweet-tempered, gentle and friendly? We bet not. If you are a dog lover then you must know who holds the record for the longest dog ears. Of course, we’re talking about basset hound.

The basset hound is a short legged breed of dog in the Hound family.. And if you choose a breed for a pet dog then for sure a basset hound is on the list. Try your luck and try your knowledge about basset hound. Prove to the world you are a hundred percent dog aficionado. Don’t think twice, answer our quiz now.
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  • Sample Question
    Of what lineage is the Basset Hound?

The Hound Group Dog Breeds Trivia Quiz (Correct Spelling of Breed Required for Correct Answer)

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