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Basic English Questions and Answers

  • What`s the correct past form of "visit"?
    Basic english question from

  • Which is the correct sentence?
    Basic english question from

  • Complete the sentence using comparative form:Helen is........(young)...... Mary
    Basic english question from

  • What are the 2 major functions of a language?
    Basic english question from

  • What are the 2 keys in mastering a language?
    Basic english question from

  • In Learning English we need to master word, Why?
    Basic english question from

  • Today is Thursday, isnt it?
    Basic english question from

  • We are going to a party at the Shens house. ______ house is on Fifth Street.
    Basic english question from

  • My hair is longer than ______.
    Basic english question from

  • How often do you play tennis?
    Basic english question from

  • Phrasal verbs always consist in two words.
    Basic english question from

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