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Everyone's been part of it, whether at birth, before birth, or before your own child arrives! Baby names! Which names are cuter, Reginald or Humphrey? That's what you get asked, right? But how much do you know about baby names? Which names are the most popular for girls and for boys? Which are the most common unisex names used? Which are the least common names? How many times (on average) does the name for a potential baby get changed?

Get ready to change your answers faster than a mother changes nappies, get ready to cheer louder than a baby cries, get ready for the quizzes that could set you on the path to greatness, or to choose a great name for your future child. What do you think about Angelista?

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Baby Name Questions and Answers

  • What color are you planning on painting the new baby's room?

  • Out of these groups, which names do you find most appealing to your taste? 

  • What outfits are you going to dress your new baby in?

  • Youre having or want to have a baby because...
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  • When it comes to smoking during pregnancy you believe...
    Baby name question from

  • When it comes to patience with kids...
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  • Pick an item

  • pick a drink

  • Pick a colour

  • Which of these personality traits suite you?
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  • Say you were at a bar, and your mother walks in. You are 23. Legally old enough to be there. Your mommy comes up to you and says: "Hey, sugar! I love you! What are you doing here, pumpkin?" What do you do?!
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  • You fart in class. Well, by accident. Your butt made up its mind. EVERYBODY heard it. What do you do?
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