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How much do you know about August Wilson? Maybe you already know that he is a famous American playwright and author but do you know the names of some of his most renowned plays? If so, you may be quite an expert when it comes to our August Wilson quizzes!

Born on April 27, 1945, August Wilson is most known for his series of ten plays known as “The Pittsburgh Cycle”. What prestigious awards did Wilson receive for these plays? He is also famous for his Broadway play “Fences”, and “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” - Do your know which of these was accepted at the Eugene O’Neil Playwrights Conference? Explore the amazing plays of August Wilson with us as you try to get the highest score possible on these awesome quizzes! 

 "August Wilson" received 2 Pulitzer Prizes for drama, he is an American author and playwright, one of his work included a series of ten plays; the Pittsburgh Cycle, each series set of his work is in a different...

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    What year was Wilson born?

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