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We love high definition television shows in brilliant color, but there was something charming about the old black and white shows. You can't deny that some of the greatest shows ever were made before color TV was available, such as The Honeymooners. It may be over half a century old, but it can still raise a laugh today, in a large part thanks to the comedic acting talent of Audrey Meadows.

If you loved The Honeymooners, or if you've studied her life story, then you'll want to play our Audrey Meadows quizzes. In which year was Audrey Meadows born? What was the name of the character that she played in The Honeymooners? Can you name the comedy show in which she played Ted Knight's mother-in-law? You and our quizzes could make a perfect marriage.

Audrey Meadows was a beautiful, talented American actress that played in a very popular tv series in the 50's. Do you know about this classic beauty? Take this quiz and find out how much you really know about Audrey Meadows!

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  • Sample Question
    Audrey is best known for her role on what tv series?

Audrey Meadows Questions and Answers