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  • What is the purpose of your TEC?

  • The TEC helps to show the potential client that you are not simply the stereotypical car salesman.

  • CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) increases dramatically when the client...

  • The average dealership service department writes approximately ____ repair orders per day.

  • The economy dictates terms to you regarding the sale of vehicles, you have no control.

  • What does RCS stand for?

  • For every 5 potential sales the average sales person closes how many?

  • The average sales person in the US sells how many vehicles per month?

  • According to the Gallup Poll the car sales industry has the lowest:

  • How long can a customer rent a car?
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  • A customer will be charged a clean up fee if there is food found under the seat, true or false?
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  • What is the price per mile charge on the Audi S5?
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