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Do you want to become an appraiser and put a price value to antiques, valuables, real estate or business assets? Or do you want to find an appraiser to help you with assigning a worth to a particular piece of property? If either of these things is true, you may want to know more about the American Society of Appraisers, an organization devoted to appraiser education, training, and certification, as well as to matching customers seeking appraisal to those certified members best able to help them.

Want to know more about this organization, its processes and pathways to accreditation, or about how they can help you find an appraiser to help you meet your business needs? Take our ASA quizzes and find out what you need to know!

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  • While at dinner at a new restaurant downtown, you can’t help but notice your date is not only slurping the soup of the day, but also picking his/her nose and wiping the ‘findings’ on the tablecloth. You hope for manners to improve at the movie theater you’re going to after dinner, only to find that your date throws trash on the floor and answers a cell phone call during the movie. You:  
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  • You and your partner are saving money for a vacation together. Every month, each of you puts a specific amount into a piggy bank. You find out that some of the money is gone. When you ask about it, your partner tells you that the pool table he/she’s been eyeing for a year finally went on sale, so he/she took a little money from the vacation piggy bank. Your reaction is:  
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  • In terms of length of time, what kind of relationship are you looking for? Do you want something long-term, or are you just looking for a commitment-free relationship?  
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  • Describe what a hippy looks like.