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  • What is the two-letter postal abbreviation for the state of Arizona?
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  • What well-known Tombstone peace officer was born in Illinois?
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  • Where in Arizona can stone trees be found?
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  • Which of the following actions should be completed using the Internal YL dashboard? (Check all that apply)

  • The ____ feature allows a client to ask happy customers of theirs to share their positive experience online.

  • True or False: Scripting rarely changes so it is suggested that you print out a copy of each script.

  • What is Arizona (AZ) Phoenix airport code?

  • What is Arizona (AZ) Tucson airport code?

  • What is California (CA) Los Angeles airport code?

  • In the 1st period @ 16:32 there is an Arizona power jam, what strategy does AZ use to score points?
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  • What penalty does AZ Jammer Loca Lina pick up @ 16:15 in the 1st period?
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  • @ 1:00/1st half what is the longest Sacred holds Loca Lina for in the AZ power jam?  She makes a total of 3 passes, out of the 3, what is the longest time Sacred holds her in one pass?
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