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 So you think you know all there is to know about bonobos?  Test your knowledge to see if you are an intelligent ape or just a simple simian.

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    Which country is the only place in the world where wild bonobos are found?

This is a quiz about apes. Be careful some of the questions are tricky. Good luck!

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    True or False: Gorilla are fierce predators

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    The most important factor in determining a biotic community:

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Ape Questions & Answers

How close are monkeys and apes related to humans?
Apes and monkeys are quite similar to humans. The hands of an ape and that of a human have several similar characteristics. For example, they both have a thumb and four fingers to wrap around something. Many other animals do not have these type of ha
Which of these sentences describe the physical appearance of bonobos?
1. their faces are dark with pink lips, their hair is parted in the middle-2. they often walk bipedally (on two legs)-bonobos heads are slightly smaller than chimpanzees and their faces are black from birth with pink lips, their hair is long an
Which of these food groups are eaten by wild bonobos?
FRUIT VEGETATION AND HERBS INSECTS SMALL MAMMALSBonobos have a varied diet made up of mostly fruit and vegetation, they eat insects such as earthworms and ants for protein and will occasionally eat small mammals such as shrews and flying squ
Which country is the only place in the world where wild bonobos are found?
1. democratic republic of congo-bonobos are endemic to the democratic republic of congo (drc), this means that they are not found in any other country in the world. endemic species are difficult to conserve because their survival relies on the la