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Practice with the most relevant and updated questions in the Human Geography segment today with this quiz.

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    The border between the United States and Canada along the 49th parallel is a good example of what type of boundary?

Can you identify the concept of human geography? It is an advanced placement social studies course. Human geography refers to the branch of geography that correlates and handles humans and their relationships with communities,...

Questions: 75  |  Attempts: 32   |  Last updated: Mar 8, 2021
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    Which region of the world would have the lowest HDI?

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    In what country are most Hindus concentrated today?


AP GeogrAPhy Questions & Answers

What two wars have resulted from the multiple nationalities in Western Europe?
World War I; World War II. These two wars resulted from the clashing of multiple nationalities and multiple ideologies in Europe. World War I began when the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. There was belief that the Serbians had ki
What is the relationship between troubles with development in the Middle East and Israel?
The relationship between troubles with development in the Middle East and Israel had always been bad since the 1800s up to the present day. Middle East has been bugged with intra-regional conflict, competition of superpower and domestic unrest. Israe
What is the highest possible value for the GDI?
The highest possible value for the GDI is 1 or 1.0. GDI stands for Gender Development Index and it measures the gender gaps in terms of human development achievements through three dimensions – knowledge or expected years of schooling, health o
What is the highest possible value for the GEM?
The highest possible value for the GEM is 1 or 1.0. GEM stands for Gender Empowerment Measurement and is used to measure gender equality in the world. It is the effort of the United Nations Development Programme or commonly referred to as UNDP to mea
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