Antonio Sabato Jr Quizzes & Trivia

Antonio Sabato Jr. is an American-Italian actor and model. His first two roles were as a Calvin Klein model and an actor on the soap opera General Hospital. Since leaving General Hospital, Antonio has had small roles in many shows, movies, and reality shows. Antonio was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and a host of the HGTV show Fix It and Finish It.

Can you think of a few other reality shows Antonio has starred in? Despite over 25 years as an actor, Antonio has yet to land a career-defining star role in any show or movie. Even if he’s not an A-list celebrity, Antonio is still an admirable and hansom actor. Test your knowledge about Antonio Sabato Jr. by taking on our quizzes!

The funniest and most interesting quiz on one of the top actor Antonio Sabato Jr.

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    Antonio Sabato, Jr. was born in what European country in February of 1972?

For years now, Antonio Sabato has been stealing women's hearts with his macho appearance. He definitely deserves to be featured in one of our quizzes! If you're a fan of Mr.Sabato then you must score higher than 70% on...

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    Antonio was raised in the States, but where was he born?