Anthony Hopkins Quizzes & Trivia

Hello Clarice… Have you done your research on Sir Anthony Hopkins? Have you followed his big blues and charming accent through sword fights, cannibalism and vampire slaying? Sit down with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, and sink your teeth into these fascinating quizzes about this very intriguing actor.

Whether he drove you Psycho as Alfred Hitchcock, trained you to work a whip in The Mask of Zorro or haunted your dreams as the chilling Hannibal Lector, Anthony Hopkins’ work has left an impact on popular culture during his career. He’s got a face that can charm and terrify, but what do you know about the award-winning actor behind the most terrifying mask in cinema history? Get under the skin of Sir Hopkins with these thrilling quizzes.

Talk about a long and illustrious career! His incredible and diverse acting talent has seen him play dignified men, to a couple of badasses all the way to a flesh eating serial killer! Anthony Hopkins is a fine example of an...

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  • Sample Question
    What character does Anthony Hopkins play in the Marvel movies?

Anthony Hopkins, one of the world's finest and renowned film, stage and television actor, born 31st December, 1937 has been active in the Entertainment industry since 1960. Take our quiz if you feel you know much about him.

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    What is his full name?

How well do you know actor Anthony Hopkins? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Where is Anthony Hopkins from?