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There are a lot of tennis players that are known to be hot, but one of the tennis players that people generally liked is Anna Kournikova. She used to be a professional tennis player but has already retired. She and Enrique Iglesias started dating back in 2001, and they are going strong after all these years. They are probably proof that beautiful people stay together. Funny enough that they first met when Kournikova was the girl that was featured in the music video of Enrique Iglesias called “Escape.” They have gone together since then.

She has done a lot of modeling stints too, and she is still known for her good looks. She and Iglesias have two kids together, the twins, Nicholas and Lucy. Kournikova and Iglesias are not married in spite of being together for a long time. These details can be beneficial for you when you start answering some quizzes about her and her general life.

Anna Kournikova is a former Russian tennis player that had great success in both tennis and as a celebrity. Find out what you know about her and discover what you didn't by taking this quiz!

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  • Sample Question
    With what other famous tennis player did Kournikova team at Australian Open doubles? 

Anna Kournikova is a former tennis player who ranked #8 in the world, but she is more known because of her celebrity appearance. If you think you know this gorgeous lady, take the quiz and perfect your score.

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  • Sample Question
    She became a trainer of what reality TV series?