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A playboy cover girl who’s never too cool for stoner movies and fart jokes, take a wacky, sexy and hilarious trip through the life of Anna Faris with these fascinating quizzes! Whether Scary Movie made you laugh or scream, or if you’re still Waiting… to visit a restaurant as goofy as Shenaniganz, test what you know about this House Bunny who’s made in appearance in many beloved comedies over the past decade.

From a role in the phenomenon Friends to a place on the list of 100 most desirable women, have you followed Anna through her career in television, film and music or was it all Lost in Translation? The forecast for these quizzes is - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - and 100% guaranteed to bring the laughs.

American sweetheart Anna Faris is a mostly known by her work in a comedy movies, such as a Scary Movie, House Bunny and Movie 43

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    In which typr of movies you may see Anna more often?

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