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What do you get when you combine an edge of your seat thriller movie with a psychological horror story? You get Angel Heart, and you get one of the greatest films of modern times. It's a movie that's worth watching again and again, as an all star cast featuring the likes of Robert De Niro, Mickey Rourke, and Lisa Bonet light up the screen.

Do you do voodoo? If you do do voodoo, then you should do well in our Angel Heart quizzes. Which crooner is suffering from the trauma of World War Two? What is the name of the voodoo priestess that Angel has to track down? In which southern city does he find his talent tested to the full? Try not to let our questions scare you too much.
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Angel's heart is a 1987 horror /thriller movie, which had a very complicated plot accompanied with gruesome and gory scenes. It is difficult to know who is the bad guy, as the movie seems to mix black magic and sometimes...

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    Who plays the role of Harry Angel in the movie?