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Ready for some brain churning? Are you able to separate things into their constituent elements in order to study or examine them? Are you able to draw conclusions and solve problems from them? If you don’t know yet how to answer these questions, then feel free to browse through our quizzes. They’re especially designed to test your analytical thinking skills.
Analytical skills are important whether in school or in any field of profession. Check your level of proficiency and see what type of a thinker you are. We’ve complied different quizzes to determine how well you are able to deduce! So, what’s your analysis on this offer? Are you up and ready to test your analytical skills? Proceed to our quizzes, and find out! Good luck!
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    What is the social function of Analytical Exposition Text?

To improve your analytical ability

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Choose the correct answer by choosing a, b, c, d, or e!

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    Text for question  No. 1 to 5 Although English is not spoken by a greater number of people, it is the most international of all languages. In the International meeting between nations will almost automatically converse in English. Foreign tourist of different nationalities will use English when they communicate with each other.                 English is also the key which opens doors to scientific and technical knowledge, which is needed for the economic and political development of many countries in the world. An increase in knowledge of English can contribute to greater understanding among the nations. It is one the “working” languages of the United Nations, and of these it is by far the most frequently used both in debate and in the general conduct of UN business.                 English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs: it is also the universal language of international aviation and sport. It is also the universal language of literacy and public communication: 60 percent of the world’s radio broadcast and 70 percent of the world’s mail are in English.                 Based on the reasons above, we, as the Indonesian should study English and try to study it very well. According to the text, if someone is able to master English, he orshe may have … perception of the world

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    Here are some words translated from an artificial language. #   gorblflur means fan belt #   pixngorbl means ceiling fan #   arthtusl means tile roof Which word could mean "ceiling tile"?

Analytical individuals are very good at analysis. They are intelligent and very good at dissecting complex issues. When you are analytical, you are most likely to come to a reasonable conclusion about problems and develop great...

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    Which of these is not an example of analytical skill?


Analytical Questions & Answers

Should I still be living with my friends in a small house if I'm in my late 30's?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question, for it is a personal one. Every person is different, so what may work for you, may not work for others. Personally, I don't think one in their late 30's should be living with friends in a small hous
What is the difference between SDS PAGE and Gel Electrophoresis?
Gel electrophoresis is a method of separation in an electrical field. DNA and RNA are negatively charged molecules. Once they are packed into the gel from the negative end of the gel and put in the electric field, they move through the gel pores towa
What is true about Martha is playing marbles?
The photograph does not satisfy any of the four options given. There is no evidence that this is a playground just because there are a number of children present. In fact, the fields visible and the base of - what - a metal structure suggests it is n