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  • The tissue characteristic that depends heavily on the relative content of fat molecules and free water is:
    Amrit question from

  • T1 is the measurement of time for the longitudinal component of the net magnetization vector to recover what percentage of its original value after the application of a 90 degree radio-frequency pulse?
    Amrit question from

  • Immediately after an initial 90 degree radio-frequency pulse is turned off, the hydrogen protons will begin to:
    Amrit question from

  • When selecting a volume of slices, which method for providing spatial encoding is employed?
    Amrit question from

  • Residual, undesirable gradient magnetic fields that persist for a variable time duration after the pulse of electricity from the gradient power supply is terminated are known as:
    Amrit question from

  • In an Inversion Recovery pulse sequence, what TI will produce a STIR fat suppressed pulse sequence?
    Amrit question from

  • Fast transition phenomenon and entry phenomenon are theories that explain which of the following tissue characteristics?  
    Amrit question from

  • Because of only a 10-15% variation in most tissues, the tissue characteristic that does not provide much contrast resolution is:
    Amrit question from

  • Which type of MRI magnet requires cryogen to cool magnetic coils to 4 degrees Kelvin?
    Amrit question from

  • When selecting only one slice at a time during a pulse sequence, which method for providing spatial localization is employed?
    Amrit question from

  • In a horizontal field magnet, what is the primary Gs for a Coronal Slice?
    Amrit question from

  • In a horizontal field magnet, what is the primary Gs for a Sagittal Slice?
    Amrit question from

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