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  • In which year did the U.S. declare its independence from Great Britain?
    Am i smart question from

  • Which country is the largest in terms of landmass?
    Am i smart question from

  • Which hotel chain is Paris Hilton associated with?
    Am i smart question from

  • Lets get started. Which is the highest waterfall in the world?
    Am i smart question from

  • Who invented the periodic table?
    Am i smart question from

  • What is the meaning of the word ephemeral
    Am i smart question from

  • Do you read any books?
    Am i smart question from

  • Do you read online? (Stories, news, etc.)
    Am i smart question from

  • Are you (**OK at least) good at math? 
    Am i smart question from

  • Who invented the toilet?
    Am i smart question from

  • Who was Zeus?
    Am i smart question from

  • Who was Alexander Dumas?
    Am i smart question from

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