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Alton Towers Questions and Answers

  • When was Alton Towers first opened as a theme park?

  • What is the slogan for the Alton Towers Resort?

  • How many rides in total are in the Alton Towers Resort?

  • Which of these freaky creatures have never taken up residence in The Haunted House?
    Alton towers question from

  • What year did Thunder Looper close?
    Alton towers question from

  • What was the project name for Hex?
    Alton towers question from

  • PSO stands for:
    Alton towers question from

  • According to Towers Perrins Information Security Act, employees should ALWAYS:
    Alton towers question from

  • Which of the following statements is NOT a part of Towers Perrins Tuition Reimbursement policy?
    Alton towers question from

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