Alfred Hitchcock Quizzes & Trivia

This person may be as well known for his profile as he is for the movies he directed. That person is Alfred Hitchcock and his movies are some of the most well-known in Hollywood. And it wasn’t just movies, Alfred Hitchcock was just as popular in television with his popular show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. But did you know that even with so much critical acclaim and success, Hitchcock never won an Academy Award?

Born in England and knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, did you know that Alfred Hitchcock was actually a citizen of the United States? Mysteries surround the works of Alfred Hitchcock but how much do you really know about the “master of suspense?” Take a deep breath and take the quizzes if you dare!

Alfred Hitchcoch is considered one of the greatest directors of all time. Test your knowledge of him in this quiz.

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    What was Hitchcock's last film

A quiz about how well you know me it get's harder and harder

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    How tall am i