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Agroforestry is about the intentional togetherness between Agriculture and Forestry. This practice has yielded a lot of benefits and has been successful in sub-Saharan Africa and some parts of the United States. This short test...

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    Which of the following grows in Tropical Rainforests and requires a continuous amount of high temperatures with an abundant amount of precipitation? 

Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees and shrubs are grown around or amongst crops. It encompasses applications which are diverse. Such as, countering winds, high rainfall, and harmful insects. This quiz is...

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    The main benefits of Agroforestry include which of the following?


Agroforestry Questions & Answers

What 4 I's are the key traits of agroforestry?
The key traits of agroforestry include; Intensive, Interactive, Intentional, and Integration. These aforementioned keywords are important characteristics of agroforestry. Agroforestry practices should start with an intentional act. This includes vari
What crops are commonly agroforested?
Banana It is often used as middle or upper storey crops with other crops like Irish potatoes being grown underneath. Sometimes, they are mixed with taller trees. Coffee and cocoa Coffee is also one of the common agroforestry crops grown by farmers.
Which countries lead in agroforestry development?
Agroforestry is a system or process that every country of the world desires and should put to practice. However, some countries are really putting more effort into Agroforestry than other countries in the world. One of the major countries that practi
Can agroforestry be used in rice cultivation?
In recent times, rice cultivation has taken a different turn as farmers can now use the simple method of agroforestry in the cultivation and production of rice. This practice is very prevalent in different parts of the world. India is a perfect examp
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