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Related Topics

  • What is the average size of an African elephant?
    What is the average size of an African elephant?
    The size of an African elephant is something that can vary between African and Asian elephants. However, the African elephant can weigh between 2,268 and 6,350 kilograms, and their height can be anywhere between 2.5 and 4 meters.   These elephants are known for being intelligent creatures, and the weight of their brain alone can be anywhere between 4.5 and 5.4 kilograms.

  • What can we do to protect African elephants?
    What can we do to protect African elephants?
    The answer to this question iseducation.peoplein Africa, as well as, everywhere else do need to know why elephants are essential and do matter to the world.   They mean everything to the African ecosystem and ecotourism, and to the African economy. Most importantly, they are a beautiful and majestic animal, which needs to be cherished and protected from becoming extinct as a species.

  • What is the average age of an African Elephant?
    What is the average age of an African Elephant?
    The African elephant is from the genus Loxodonta, and the two species are no other than the bush elephant and the forest elephant. The bush elephant is the largest of all animals on earth and is the most fertile between the ages of 25 and 45.   How long an African Elephant does live is dependent on certain factors. They can live to be anywhere between 60 and 70 years.

  • Why do we need to care for African elephants?
    Why do we need to care for African elephants?
    We need to care for African elephants, and why is clear, it is because they are fast becoming an extinct species. Poachers are killing them at alarming rates every day and someone has to protect these wonderful creatures from facing destruction as a species.   The African elephant is the world’s largest animal and a very intelligent breed of animal. No animal should face an end, as each animal is special as a species, and the African elephant should be saved for that reason alone. The African elephant is an iconic species and that is why we need to care for them and about them.  

  • Why is African elephant considered a keystone species?
    Why is African elephant considered a keystone species?
    The African elephant isn’t only the largest of animals in the world. It is also an animal that is part of a community and being part of a community such as it is would cause drastic changes in the ecological structure that goes along with the community.   These elephants dwell in large cooperative herds and they dominate the smaller groups in the community.

  • How are African elephants different from Asian elephants?
    How are African elephants different from Asian elephants?
    For one difference, African elephants have much bigger ears than Asian elephants do, and the very same can be said about the head size of the African elephant. The African elephant has a much fuller and rounder head than that of the Asian elephant.   Only male Asian elephants are the ones that grow tusks, and in some cases, not all the males do have tusks. Both the sexes in African elephants have tusks.

  • Is African elephant the largest land animal?
    Is African elephant the largest land animal?
    The African elephant is without a doubt, the king of all giant land animals now, and that is because it weighs in at 13.5 tons or 27,000 pounds in weight. It also is the biggest amid the other elephants, the other elephants being the Indian and the Asian elephant, who are both much smaller than the African elephant is in size.   The African Elephant is also one of the strongest animals that can be found in the world and they are usually aggressive.

  • How many African elephants are there in the world?
    How many African elephants are there in the world?
    Right after pangolins, the African elephant is the most poached of all animals in Africa, and due to this fact, there are only about 470,000 to 690,000 of them left in the entire world. These very special animals are poached for their precious ivory tusks and that is what is affecting their total number today.   The numbers of elephants poached has been decreasing lately due to protected national parks, military intervention and strict regulation of whatpeoplevisit areas with significant elephant populations.

  • Are African elephants endagered animals?
    Are African elephants endagered animals?
    African elephants are listed as being threatened under the American Endangered Species Act. Therefore, the answer is yes, and why that is so is due to the poaching that is taking place on these majestic creatures.   They are continually being sought after by poachers, who hunt them down for one reason, and that is for their precious ivory tusks, unfortunately.

  • How many African elephants died in the year 2018?
    How many African elephants died in the year 2018?
    The average number of African elephants to die in the year 2018 was said to be around 13,600 that are killed each year in Africa for their ivory tusks.   The total of 13,600 totals out to be, 37 of these majestic creatures, which are killed each day in Africa by poachers for the animal’s ivory tusks.

  • Are African elephants dangerous to humans?
    Are African elephants dangerous to humans?
    The African Elephant is said to be one of the most respected of all animals of the African wilds. However, there are times, when this majestic and gentle giant can be known for their random manner, and trample humans to death.   Older bull elephants of this species, as well as, younger males are thought to be extremely dangerous. They may even attack if unprovoked and aren’t in the right mood. Some African elephants have been known for killingpeoplein the past.

  • Is it true that African elephants are highly intelligent?
    Is it true that African elephants are highly intelligent?
    African elephants are indeed highly intelligent creatures. They are non-human species. However, they are the most intelligent, as well as, socially intricate and emotionally complex species of animals in the world.   Elephants are capable of a wide variety of behaviors from those that are associated with grief, learning, play, altruism, and much more.

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