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  • What is the difference between HSRP and VRRP?
    What is the difference between HSRP and VRRP?
    If you want to have the ability to share the IP address of the Master’s Interface, you would need to use the VRRP for that. VRRP stands for Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. This can help provide the redundancy that is sometimes needed by the network. The HSRP is also a type of redundancy protocol but it can be configured to work with a set of routers. This will make sure that it will only show one virtual router to the hosts of the LAN. Take note that HSRP already comes with different versions that are known to work. All the routers will have just one MAC address and also one IP address.

  • What is the difference between Advertisement and Propaganda?
    What is the difference between Advertisement and Propaganda?
    Advertisements and propaganda can indeed be used to successfully advertise different products and services. There are some differences between the two. Advertising is usually done to promote the product or services the best way possible. This means that people are genuinely encouraged to try out and purchase the products when they get the chance. Propaganda also makes use of advertising, and they try to promote the products, but they do not try to encourage the sale of any product. For example, there may be propaganda of a senator regarding the things that he has done. This will be shown on television just to let people know what things he has already done for his country, but they will not promote that people should vote for him.

  • Which two types of rhetoric are most strongly used in this advertisement?
    Which two types of rhetoric are most strongly used in this advertisement?
    Logos and ethosThe text is an appeal to logos because it explains logically why upgrading to Vista makes little sense when you could just get a mac, which is implicitly more advances, upgrade past it, and also said to be simpler, more powerful and a lot more fun. The image on the left builds credibility for mac because the representative of mac is better dressed, more confident, and in better shape, which are all things that tend to make us trust someone more (maybe they shouldnt, but they do . . . ask me about the Halo Effect if your curious about undue credibility).

  • When advertising a public works project for bid, which of the following items would NOT be included in the bid advertisement?
    When advertising a public works project for bid, which of the following items would NOT be included in the bid advertisement?
    Previous project experienceOf the items listed above, only previous project experience would not be listed in the bid advertisement. While a bid advertisement may request that a contractor list their experience with previous relevant projects, the bid advertisement itself would not list previous project experience, as the bid advertisement would have been issued by the public works agency, not the contractor (the applicant).

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