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It is one thing to design and set up web pages and it another thing to manage and administer the pages. The admin 201 certification quiz below tests on the different parts and aspects of an admin.

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    Which is true for a dynamic dashboard?

Questions: 42  |  Attempts: 719   |  Last updated: Aug 29, 2017
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    Which of the following is not part of the Profile?

Questions: 28  |  Attempts: 500   |  Last updated: Mar 27, 2013
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    When are the formula fields Re - Calculated?

Questions: 32  |  Attempts: 451   |  Last updated: Mar 27, 2013
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    A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements, product categories, customer types or service levels is called a

Questions: 47  |  Attempts: 352   |  Last updated: Mar 27, 2013
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    You can share the Dashboard components snapshot with everyone in the Company with chatter?

Admin 201 Questions & Answers

Which of the following is the best way to make the Field Mandatory for everyone?
Validation rules can make fields required as well, usually used more for making multiple fields required or conditional requirements: Example - Require A or B to be filled out or If this field = A require this other field.
What should a system administrator consider when setting up Mobile Lite?
There are two things that should be considered. The first one is A which means that Mobile Lite should be available to the whole organization. The second thing is C. There may be a limit to the details that will be synchronized. In this case, those t
What can be done with a workflow field update action?
In the computerized world, workflow refers to the consistent activities done in a business. Workflow includes the processes, planning and scheduling, flow control and in-transit visibility. The processes include a group of procedures of work that con
What should an administrator consider when setting up Case Feed in Salesfoorce tool?
There have already been two conflicting answers for this question. As far as I can tell, it should be answer C: chatter feed tracking must be enabled for the case object. This is simply because a case feed shows all the data for specific things, or c