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ACPTR Exam Questions and Answers

  • Who was the first leader of ACP?
    Acptr exam question from

  • What is the link to the ACP site?
    Acptr exam question from

  • Read the following text from the prologue of the ACP Saga, then answer the question that goes along with it."I, Oagalthorp, joined Club Penguin in the later part of March, 2006. During my first day, I soon learned to utilize the snowball capabilities, and, little to my knowledge, the fate of Club Penguin was then decided.My “birth server” was Wite Out, which was then in the American server page. During my first few months, I joined and fought with many of the nomadic Clans that wandered the servers in the ancient times of CP. Most of the Clans I would start or join were Color Clans, and I would soon find myself at the top of the food chain. My primary “mission” for these militias would be to clear the snow forts of enemy Color Clans, and stop any burglaries at the Pizza Shop. But controlling these groups was difficult, and no control was permanent.Soon, I moved to the server Snow Fort. From there, I found a Mob Clan, lead by a penguin named Max1234. I went undercover, and within a few days a Clan of mine ambushed them in the HQ. I came up with s revolutionary idea. I’d create an alliance with this group, and we’d be known the ASF, or the Alliance of Snow Fort. Though there was much preaching throughout the streets on Snow Fort — my troops and I would tell everyone that the ASF controlled that server — no definitive control was put forth.A few weeks later, I was surfing the web, and came upon the discovery of Ninjas. I continued my search for the secrets of these Ninjas, and came upon a large community within Miniclip: The Club Penguin Miniclip Forums. During this time period, most new CP users came from Miniclip, and the Miniclip Forums were the center of Club Penguin culture. It was the Forumer Vital Viper, in fact, who founded Mammoth as the “Forum Sever.” Soon, there was an election to decide the president of CP, held on the Forums, between Vital Viper and Big Balla. A group of my friends and I acted as security for the elections, which were held in Lambofun’s house. Though I voted for Balla, Vital won.It wasn’t until over a year later when it was found that a Moderator, RFS, screwed up the polls, and Vital Viper was in fact the winner. But at the time, I talked to Balla, and asked if the army I was planning to make could be the official defenders of CP, and the capital (Mammoth) in particular. He agreed.Soon afterward, on September 29, 2006, I created the Army of Club Penguinright there on the Forums. The ACP was a revolutionary concept. There would be anarmy with one leader, one set of ranks, a set uniform (not just a color), a website as the base of operations,  and a single server to meet on. The ACP was the first army of it’s kind, and would change the face of Club Penguin for years to come.Our first uniform was the Mining/Construction helmet (combat helmet), Green Letter-jacket (camo), Boots (combat boots), Messenger Bag (supplies and pistol holster), Electric Guitar — at the time, red was the only guitar color — (snowball rifle), black color, and any eye-wear.Of course, it would be a long time before this army would become a CP-wide phenomenon. We had to be able to make it through our first two weeks . . ."Who became the President of Club Penguin?
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  • Which army was NOT involved in CP WWIII?
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  • True or False.The Romans created so much lag in WWIII, that the Romans had to call a truce and leave the server.
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  • When was the ACP site created?
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