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We're used to African athletes scoring successes in Olympic long distance races but a literal trailblazer in this field was Abebe Bikila, the pride of Ethiopia. He was a last minute selection for the Rome Olympics of 1960, but this son of a shepherd was determined to make a name for himself. He took gold in the marathon, despite running barefoot for more than 26 miles.
Many athletes, professional and amateur, have found inspiration from Bikila's amazing story. If you're one of them, then you'll love our Abebe Bikila's quizzes. Before becoming an athlete, Bikila worked as a bodyguard for which ruler? Which runner was he a very late replacement for in 1960? What was Bikila's reply when he was asked why he had run barefoot? The clock's running, will you get a quiz medal?

Abebe Bikila was the son of Wudinesh Beneberu and her second husband, Bikila Demisse, during the second italo Ethopia war his family was forced to move  to a remote town Gorro, by then Wudinesh had divorce Abebe's father...

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    Abebe Bikila won the marathon at summer Olympic in Rome in which year?


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