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A grand musician who claims to have “attended the university of doo-wop-ology,” Aaron Neville was born in New Orleans and has had four platinum albums amongst his body of work, which included such songs as “All My Life” and “Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You.” This R&B/soul singer had his first hit in 1960 with “Over You,” but what percentage of questions will you get right?

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Currently in his late 70s, Aaron Neville is a widely known and massively honored singer and musician in the genres of country, soul, R&B, gospel, jazz, and pop. He hails from Louisiana, United States, and has been active in...

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    Aaron Neville released his first major hit in 1966; what is the song called?

How much do you know about Aaron Neville?

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    Linda Ronstadt (Featuring Aaron Neville) had which of these hit singles in 1990?

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