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The F-16 fighting falcon is a single engine fighter jet initially developed for the American Air Force. CDC 2a354c Volume 1. F-16 Attack Control Systems is specifically designed to test your knowledge on this fighter jet. All...

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    The most important responsibility of the EEFCC is to integrate the entire F-16 avionics system by serving as the 

2A354C Questions & Answers

What does the maximum toss anticipation cue consist of?
100mr circle below the boresight cross at 0 degrees azimuth and -3 degrees elevation
What F-16C/D systems have the capability for electronic boresight?
HUD, camera, hard points (left and right) for LANTIRN, INS, FCR, and FLIR
On the F-16 FCR, the FOV display may be expanded while in GM mode by using the
Pinky switch on the side stick controller or the FOV switch on the MFD