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  • In "21", Ben Campbell starts counting cards in Vegas to pay for what medical school?

  • Ben Campbell of "21" had a school crush on what female character?

  • What game do the M.I.T. students play to win in the movie "21"?

  • Which one contains chloroplasts ?
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  • In esterification reaction, concentrated sulphuric acid acts as a
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  • As a rule of thumb, how should you set up the plane for a field inspection during a precautionary landing?

  • What do you say on the radio to declare an urgency situaiton on board?

  • You are about to put a plane down in a remote area due to a sputtering engine, as well as rising oil temperature and dropping oil pressure indications. Out of the things listed below which *three* are most critical to mention during your radio call? Obviously, there are other important things to state, depending on the circumstances; however, let's see if you can distinguish between three important and three not-as-important items below. (Yes, we know this was not in the PowerPoint presentation. Use your judgment! Judgment and decision-making is without doubt the most critical area for a pilot to develop!)

  • Why is everyone gathered in the marketplace?
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  • What does the mariner reveal to Hester?
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  • What is Dimmesdale's role in the ceremony? 
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