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2007 Questions and Answers

  • Når døde Josef Stalin?
    2007 question from

  • Hvilket land kom kunstneren Frida Kahlo fra?
    2007 question from

  • Hvilken jazzmusiker ble kalt Satchmo?
    2007 question from

  • What is the first name of Satbirs brother?
    2007 question from

  • We of course know who is the OLDEST in our core. Who is the youngest ?
    2007 question from

  • Arvind had a shortlived relationship in Kharagpur - the incident has been related at least thrice to all you. Her name had a peculiar abbreviation. What is it? (write it in CAPS without dots in between)
    2007 question from

  • Bij gonioscopie ziet men de lijn van Sampaolesie vaak bij de volgende aandoening:
    2007 question from

  • De normale nervus opticus bevat ongeveer het volgende aantal axonen:
    2007 question from

  • een glaucomateuze papilexcavatie ontstaat door verlies van bepaalde weefselelementen. Welke behoren daar niet toe?
    2007 question from

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