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  • Which amendment to the US Constitution permitted the federal income tax?

  • A budget deficit occurs when expenditures exceed

  • The income tax is generally progressive, meaning that

  • This is a basic position

  • IR size

  • IR is placed

  • A progressive income tax system requires the wealthiest people to

  • Which of the following institutions is responsible for compiling the presidents budget proposal?

  • Which of the following are accurate statements about the federal debt?I.  the rising cost of public education has contributed significantly to the federal debtII.  the debt shifts the cost of current policies onto the shoulders of future generationsIII. President Reagans major tax cuts in the 1980s caused the national debt to grow to an unprecedented sizeIV.  the government will erase the national debt as soon as it succeeds in balancing the fiscal budget

  • Who named the Columbia River?
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  • Who discovered a pass through the Sierra Nevada?
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  • The Oregon Country included present-day?
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