10th Grade History Quizzes & Trivia

Grade 10 students will study History and they are expected to learn the history of the world and how it is affecting the current generation. Here, students will learn the ages where dinosaurs existed, the start of civilization, and the important dates in the history of mankind through our online 10th-grade history quizzes. Students will also gain knowledge of what science believes in the origin or evolution of humans. One human species is the Homo Sapiens that are known for their intelligence.

It is the point where humans started using tools to gather food and build houses. Students are also expected to be familiarized with the important dates in history such as the building of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the birth of Jesus, and beginning and the end of the two world wars. These moments in history play a huge role in today’s society in politics, religion, and economy that will help the students understand their effects in today’s time.
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Herodotus, a Greek historian is considered within the Western tradition the "father of history".His contemporary Thucydides, along with him, helped create the rudiments for the modern study of human...

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    How many presidents have ruled the USA?


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    The Pioneer of the reform movements was

History has since its discovery been studied with some practical or theoretical aim. In the recents, it can also be studied out of simple intellectual curiosity and desire to know about past events, how it all began, the causes...

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    How many leaders had the USSR before it's dissociation?

History is usually a narrative of several events that occurred in the past. Historians are concerned with the development of occurrences in the history of nations as well as human actions that caused the events. From this they...

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    Who discovered United States of America?

History refers to the academic discipline which uses a narrative to examine and explain plainly a sequence of past occurrence, and primarily determine the patterns of cause and effect that determine such occurrences. History is a...

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    What is another name for the Paleolithic age?