Would You Make A Good Gf?

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Would You Make A Good Gf? - Quiz

Would you make a good GF or a really bad one? You can find out now if you can have the perfect dream couple!

You May Get

Yes You Would!

Congrats, if you were honest you ACTUALLY would make a good Gf! Remember to always be yourself and to pick the right choices and not choices that would make your dude feel good, choices that are safe.

Getting There

You into it, but also he might make you feel bad at times, maybe you should wait till your a bit older.

Oh good Zeus..

If you saw the title, you know whats coming. Looks like you would NOT make a good one! Sorry but it seems even if you DID fights would be following you two, right to a breakup.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    How badly would you need a guy?
    • A. 

      Very badly, I mean, I don't like being lonely!

    • B. 

      Eh, I'm not obsessed but I'd like one :)

    • C. 

      Nah, its not something to spazz about, I'm ok.

  • 2. 
    Imagine you guys are already together.You see him talking with a group of girls and laughing.What do you do?
    • A. 

      Call his name, smile and wave, then walk away :)

    • B. 

      Scoff and walk away thinking if he's cheating on me.

    • C. 

      Steal him away and ask him what he was doing gruffly.

  • 3. 
    You guys are going to the dance with each other.He asks you to dance and you do.While your talking with a friend after, a girl races over and says: "I see _____ dancing with another girl!" You turn around to find he's slow dancing with a girl. What do you do?
    • A. 

      Think he's doing it because she's a loner and to make her happy.

    • B. 

      Think he's doing it because his stupid friends dared him to.

    • C. 

      Grab him away and tell him to explain.

    • D. 

      Tell the girl: "Nice, but I know my _____ loves me."

  • 4. 
    You two are holding hands and walking around on the school field, you slowly begin to ask him why he danced with that girl.You: "So why did you dance with that girl?" Him: "Oh that..Just to make her happy."You: "Can you tell me exactly what you two said?"Him: "Sure, she was crying cause her friends teased her of not getting someone to slowdance, so I offered and she agreed."You: "Your not cheating on me, are you?"Him: "WhAT? You know what I hate it when girls ask that question, its so stupid makes me wanna kill myself." What do you say?
    • A. 

      "Well I was just wondering..Thats all." (Quietly)

    • B. 

      "You don't have to yell in my face! I can hear you!"

    • C. 

      "Your making me wanna kill myself right now by saying that."

  • 5. 
    You two are walking home after school...And....You: "So..About that group of girls you were talking to at school. What was that about?" Him: "Was just talking about Phys Ed. Thats all."You: "You seem..Distant from me.." Him: "Wtf do you mean?"You: "Your always doing these things with girls right in my face as if you want to be noticed."Him: "..."What do you say?
    • A. 

      "You know what nvm."

    • B. 

      "Its kinda getting me suspecious.."

    • C. 

      "Yeah you must be cheating."

  • 6. 
    Its been a year now that you two are dating and it seems love is fading from all that is going on.You and your friends are walking down the hallway with books in your hands and you see him kissing a girl. Your friend gasps and points at him. You gasp as well. You look around the corner and you see a gangster group. What do you do?
    • A. 

      "_____ WTF do you think your doing!" Push the girl off and punch her in the face.

    • B. 

      "YOU CHEATER!! I KNEW IT!" Kick him in the balls.

    • C. 

      Walk over to him slowly, pull him away and say: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

    • D. 

      Let him kiss the girl.

    • E. 

      "YOU FKING CHEATER!! BOYS OVER HEREEEE!!!" Callt he gangsters and beat the crap out of both and throw the girl out the window and slide him on the stares while your friend rides on his back.

  • 7. 
    The girl commites suicide next year and you already broke up with him. You and your friends are talking. You: "Ugh I hate him so much."Her: "You made a good choice girl." You: "I knew this would happen. I'm such a bad gf." Her: "No your not! Your the best I know! Besides, other girls let dudes do that, I mean, WHO LETS THEIR BF DO THAT!"You: "You don't have to lie to make me feel better you know.."Her: "I'm not, trust me, everyone hates him and nobody will talk to him."You: "Yeah, I've noticed that."Her: "Maybe you'll find someone else."What do you say?
    • A. 

      "Yeah, maybe someone who's less of a girl hanger."

    • B. 

      "Maybe, but not for a very long time."

    • C. 

      "Nah, I'm done with dating, never was good for me any ways."

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