World History Chapter 1 (Mesopotamia)

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World History Chapter 1 (Mesopotamia) - Quiz

Chapter 1 Vocabulary for World History Honors class-- Mesopotamia, Early Civilizations

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    The foundation for Greek civilization; from the Mediterranean island of Crete
  • 2. 
    Great Mediterranean Sea seafaring traders of the ancient world, their 22-letter alphabet was the basis for the Roman and Greek alphabets
  • 3. 
    African kingdom; they ruled Egypt for a brief period
  • 4. 
    The people of the first great monotheistic faith; their God was more orderly and just than the gods of Mesopotamia
  • 5. 
    Written language of ancient Egyptians
  • 6. 
    Written language of Sumerians
  • 7. 
    Large, mud-brick temples of Sumer/Mesopotamia
  • 8. 
    Large stone monumental architecture of the Egyptians
  • 9. 
    The political organization of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia
  • 10. 
    The political organization of ancient Egypt throughout the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms
  • 11. 
    He experimented in monotheism during the New Kingdom; monotheism in Egypt died after him
  • 12. 
    She was Egypt's only female pharaoh
  • 13. 
    He's the first clearly identified individual in world history. Made his mark as emperor of the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia
  • 14. 
    The God of the Jews
  • 15. 
    The so-called "first pharaoh," he united lower and upper Egypt
  • 16. 
    A group of Indo-European invaders from central Asia, they gave both Babylonia and Egypt trouble
  • 17. 
    A mythical Sumerian king, he was the hero of the first great epic of western literature
  • 18. 
    The law-giver, a great Babylonian king
  • 19. 
    The Golden Age of Egypt. A period of expansion outside of Egypt and the building of empire. The Hyksos and Nubians are routed, gold flows from Nubia and series of impressive pharaohs rule
  • 20. 
    Was a period of relative calm and increasing power among the temple priests, near the end, the Hyksos came calling
  • 21. 
    Was a period of isolation, happiness, and huge pyramid building

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